Picture showing gardener holding plant

Did you know your garden can double as a gym? It’s a perfect space for exercise – lots of fresh air and sunlight while digging over the soil to the rhythm of birdsong–and there are no fees! 

When you’re out in the garden digging, weeding, raking and planting, you’re using multiple muscle groups. While you’re improving your muscle tone and strength, you’re increasing your flexibility and heart rate. Because it’s such a great workout gardening can help you to sleep better while you’re creating a beautiful place to spend down time.

Picture showing gardener planting plants

If you’re new to gardening, start slowly – you don’t want to over work those muscles that have been hibernating all winter. Be careful when lifting heavy things, like bags of soil, or pushing loaded up wheelbarrows. You don’t want to pull a muscle. To help avoid this, do some simple stretching before starting.

You can ease into gardening by just enjoying being outside in the fresh spring air, sipping your favourite hot drink and looking up through the tree branches to the sky.
So, while improving your garden this spring, you’re also improving your fitness and wellbeing.

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