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Hitwise award. Australia’s most trusted health websites has scooped a major national popularity award proving that quality health information still matters.

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The Better Health Channel is one of Australia’s most trusted health websites. Over the years, a number of major popularity awards have proved that quality health information still matters. An established website with a reputation for quality-assured, comprehensive and trustworthy information, the Better Health Channel is one of the most visited health and medical websites in Australia.

This award-winning Victorian Government site has outclassed major commercial health websites to regularly be voted number one health and medical information website in Australia. The site has no advertising or sponsorship and is fully funded by the State Government of Victoria (Australia).

BHC awards – a selection

Better Health Channel has received many awards over the years. These include: * The Hitwise Online Performance Awards recognise excellence in online performance through public popularity by measuring the number of visits to individual websites in each industry category.

Our users vote with their clicks

These awards show that good quality health information is very much in demand. People are increasingly turning to the Internet to supplement advice from their doctor or health professional. Whether they’ve gone online to get additional information or make sense of something they’ve been told, people are looking for information they can trust, from a site that isn’t trying to sell them anything.

The online health market has changed enormously since the Better Health Channel was first launched in 1999. The number of health and medical information websites has quadrupled over the past four years as our voracious appetite for health-related information expands, proving that people want information that’s reliable, accurate and independent.

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