Apple and blackberry muffins
Apple crumble
Apricot and banana muffins
Apricot muffins
Banana chips
Banana loaf
Banana slice
Bean submarine
Biscuits - cheese
Biscuits - oat cakes
Cake - eggless carrot
Cake - fruit
Cake - gluten free carrot
Cake - mini banana
Carrot, banana and sultana muffins
Chicken taco with avocado
Chicken, tabouli and nori wraps
Chickpea and nut fingers
Chickpeas Tunisian style with silverbeet
Creamy corn cakes
Cup cakes - lemon
Dip - creamy capsicum
Dip - creamy corn
Dip - hommus
Dip - hommus with parsley
Dip - pesto zucchini
Dip - tangy beetroot
Fish cakes - easy
Frittata with potato, asparagus and pepper
Fruit and nut popcorn
Fruit cake with cinnamon
Fruit loaf - bran
Fruity nut Anzac biscuits
Giant couscous with roast chicken, peas and broccolini
Grilled vegetable baguette with feta and tomato mayo
Lamb fillet salad in pocket bread with eggplant dip
Lentils - curried patties
Loaf - fruity bran
Loaf - orange and date
Muesli bars - gluten free
Muffins - chocolate banana
Muffins - corn
Muffins - ham and zucchini
Muffins - oat bran and apple
Muffins - prune and bran
Muffins - sweet potato and cheddar
Pesto - semi-dried tomato
Pesto - sweet basil
Pikelets - date
Pikelets - fruity
Polenta, capsicum and sweet potato muffins
Potato and zucchini mini pancakes
Potato, capsicum and zucchini slice
Provencale frittata
Pumpkin and choc chip muffins
Rice salad with salmon, snow peas and asparagus
Roasted red capsicum muffins
Salad - Asian with snow peas and cashews
Salad - bean
Salad - chickpea and couscous
Salad - Mediterranean tomato
Salad - pasta with yoghurt poppy seed dressing
Salad - savoury fruit and barley
Salad - tabouli with tabasco
Salmon log
Sesame chicken
Spread - roast pumpkin and potato
Steamed chicken rice paper rolls
Sweet potato scones
Tuna and olive loaf
Vegetable rice paper rolls
Vegetable slice
Vegetarian delights
Zucchini and bacon slice