Event: Data Governance Conference  
Data Governance 2012
Organisation: Health Informatics Society Australia  
Description: This event will be dedicated to the issue of data governance in healthcare. Like clinical governance, data governance is about the organisational processes and structures that ensure data is used appropriately, reliably, and in time. Data and information (and the integrity of both) are critical to organisational decision making and monitoring in healthcare. The National Health Reforms add a cross-organisational complexity - and opportunity - into the mix.

Data Governance 2012 will introduce managers and executives, healthcare leaders and information professionals to the concept of data governance and its underpinnings and provide inspiration and guidance to the data-driven transformation coming in the Australian healthcare industry.
Telephone: (03) 9326 3311  
Email: datagovernance@hisa.org.au  
Location: Ridges on Swantson, Melbourne  
Date: 29/03/2012 to 30/03/2012