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Immunisation can prevent many illnesses in children and adults. Vaccines are available for a range of childhood conditions and other infectious diseases like flu and hepatitis. Your health, age, lifestyle and occupation are the key factors that determine what vaccines you need and when. You may need specific immunisations when you travel.

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Topic: Introduction to immunisation

Immunisation week 2015

World Immunisation Week, 24 - 30 April, aims to promote the use of vaccines to protect, or "immunise", people of all ages against disease.


Vaccines trick the body into building immunity against infectious diseases without causing the actual disease.

Check Your Immunisation HALO

Check Your Immunisation HALO

Immunisation - deciding which vaccines you need

Each person has their own immunisation needs.

Travel immunisation

If you are travelling overseas, check with your doctor well in advance to find out what immunisation you need.