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Kidney and bladder

The kidneys clean the blood and remove waste through urine, which is stored and passed by the bladder. Genetic disorders, lifestyle, diet and infections can affect the kidneys and bladder.

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Topic: More about the kidneys and bladder

Diabetes and kidney failure

Kidney failure means the kidneys can no longer remove waste and maintain the level of fluid and salts that the body needs.

Incontinence - tips for carers

A person’s incontinence can be a challenging problem for their carer, but help is available from a range of sources, so don't think you must cope alone.

Kidneys - age-related problems

Early detection of kidney disease and good management can increase the life of your kidneys.

Prostate gland and urinary problems

Many men experience urinary changes as they age, which may be caused by inflammation or enlargement of the prostate gland.

Urinary catheterisation

A urinary catheter can give a person control over their bladder and keeps them dry.

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